Life. Work. It's a big garden. We all have a story. After many years in PR, what interests me is the tilling and telling of stories. And the fertile ground between the hedgerows of our personal and professional lives. Word weeding, unearthing meaning, and planting new seeds is my job as a Story Gardener. Work. Life. No fences.

To thine own self be true

Book, brand or being, I help my clients to germinate ideas, cultivate stories and nurture projects, events, and new chapters to fruition. Most of us start out with what writer Anne Lamott calls "shitty first drafts." Once you know this, in work and in life, you're free to let go. A fresh pair of eyes {and a little word therapy} can do wonders. And support to grow your story can be revelatory.

Here's how I garden...

©2017 Debra Amador DeLaRosa |   Portrait:  Kim Thompson Steel    | debra {at} mindfulpr {dot} com |   415.235.2708

©2017 Debra Amador DeLaRosa | Portrait: Kim Thompson Steel | debra {at} mindfulpr {dot} com | 415.235.2708