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How does my garden grow?

Chip Conley, Author, Founder JDV Hotels, Airbnb Strategic Advisor for Hospitality & Leadership


I've traveled on an existential journey with this joyful human being for over a decade - from hospitality guru to bestselling author to enlightened thought leader. We've birthed five books together including his acclaimed business tome PEAK and NY Times bestseller Emotional Equations. And we created the premiere festival destination, Fest300. Next on the map? Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elder...the book, the academy, the movement. 

Amy Critchett, Founder AC Eclectic Creative Services Worldwide, Executive Producer The Bay Lights

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Strategizing and helping to execute big ideas with this visionary entrepreneur has altered my view on what's possible. Winning Congressional campaigns, orchestrating a Burning Man super camp, and crafting a seemingly impossible story at its inception, The Bay Lights, are just a few of the wild and wonderful ways I've had the good fortune to collaborate with Amy. Lately, we're hatching more of her brilliant ideas at the intersection of Art+Audience. 

Nick Graham, Founder Joe Boxer, 100 Minute Company, Nick Graham: New York, London, Everywhere

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Moving through hyperspace on a cosmic roller coaster with this marketing genius taught me the finer points of creative vision...without walls. Traveling the landscapes of fashion, design, books, art, events and media, I was able  to work with and witness embodied dynamite as we built a branding practice that took stories from spark, to the page, to real life. A true original, Nick taught me the art of the brainstorm (keyword: generosity) and how to make something happen...just by saying it's so.  

With deep gratitude to an ever-growing garden of perennials.

Grow here.

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 ©2017 Debra Amador DeLaRosa | debra {at} mindfulpr {dot} com | 415.235.2708