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I started Mindful PR in 2005 to "Serve clients who endeavor to make the world a better place." I still do. For three decades, I've worked with visionary varietals in many fields: Animation, Art, Books, Fashion, Film, Hospitality, Health & Human Services, Pets, Politics, Tea and TV. Universal, ILM and Wildbrain studios provided my creative starter soil. Each planted the seeds for me to grow on my own. My story is also rooted in 30+ years of recovery work, including representing one of the country's leading treatment facilities, Sierra Tucson, which organically influences communication and collaboration in all of my work. 



"Can I pick your brain?" Yes! I'm happy to set up an initial call where we can explore what you're cultivating. Then we can schedule an in-person or virtual meeting to dig a little deeper. Grow here.



We all face obstacles that can stand in the way of our growth: emotional and mindset blocks, old habits, and changes out of our control. Whether you're writing or fighting, I can help you find clarity and access the resources and support you need to harvest a new chapter...or a whole new story. 



Does your manuscript, message or online profile shine? I can help you articulate your vision and copyedit the hell out of whatever you're tilling. A wordsmith {with a shovel} can shed sunlight onto a project and cultivate the confidence you need to push through your fences.

Some of my blooms are here...

©2017 Debra Amador DeLaRosa | debra {at} mindfulpr {dot} com   |   415.235.2708                                

©2017 Debra Amador DeLaRosa | debra {at} mindfulpr {dot} com | 415.235.2708